Be a Bombshell Eyeliner – Onyx



I’m not great at applying eyeliner. I smudge it a lot and inadvertently wipe my eyes, smearing the eyeliner in the process. I’m pretty terrible at getting smooth, even lines too, so decided to give the Be a Bombshell eyeliner a go with its felt tip applicator. (more…)


It really is like drawing with a felt tip! This eyeliner has applied more smoothly than any other one I’ve tried, although these have tended to be pencils our liquid eyelienrs. It’s just so easy; the thin tip helps create fine lines and quick flicks without tugging skin at all. And if you hold the pen slightly tilted then you can use the side for a thicker line in just one motion. Although getting it even on both sides using this method has taken a little bit of practice, it’s still a lot easier and much faster then using a pencil.


What’s more, the eyeliner comes out so vividly and bold, time after time. The line has a sharp finish so there’s no blurred or smudged effect, resulting in a clean and precise look that will last all day.


As a subsequence, if you like the blurred smoky eyed look, this product isn’t for you. It’s also not ideal if you’re prone to making eyeliner mistakes as it’s a hard to correct without using a fine-tipped make-up remover pen. It comes off easily with make-up remover though which is a huge benefit.


Other than that it’s a really good eyeliner. I have found that the tip has flattened over time, but that’s probably due to me using it incorrectly. The liquid itself has continued to come out in bold lines and dries quickly, so I would recommend it.



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Lifestyle Snapshot



I’m currently going for a white and cream set-up in my bedroom. I think they have a really nice homely feel, whilst also having the benefit of everything matching. Find out where these little bits comes from. (more…)


I really like the mismatch of practical and sentimental items on my bedside table.


The lamp is from House of Fraser and costs £18. It’s a simple bedside light with a cable switch.

The vintage-style alarm clock is by Jones & Co, but can be bought from Asda for £3.

The message in a glass bottle can be bought on Etsy or Not on the Highstreet. Inside there’s a little note from my boyfriend, kept in place with a cork.

These items are all sitting upon my Ikea Malm drawers.



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Degustabox August 2014



This month’s Degustabox was jam-packed with ready-to-eat goodies. Have a closer look at what I received! Om nom nom  (more…)




Mexican Dave – Tortilla Chips (£1)

Brioche Pasquier – Croissants

Brioche Pasquier – Pain au Lait


Those Mexican Dave tortilla chips are great! I’ve received some of their products before in Degustabox, and they taste great and are really good value for money.




Berry White Organic Drinks – Cranberry, Guava and Elderberry Tea with White Tea and Guarana

Fever-Tree – Ginger Beer

Fever Tree – Tonic Water

Cawston Press – Apple & Pear


I have to say I’m not really a fan of any of these drinks. The Fever-Tree bottles look really classy though – I like them – just not what’s inside.


I wasn’t keen on the Cawston Press apple and pear juice either; odd considering I usually like that kind of thing. It tasted quite weak, and I can’t imagine children liking it much…




Schwartz Flavour Shots – Mexican Fajitas

Schwartz Flavour Shots – Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken


I think these pots are such a good idea, and they’re just so simple to use! Pour them into a pan with chicken and onions and a few other basic ingredients, and you’re left with amazing flavoursome meals in hardly any time at all. Yum!




Lindt – Hello A Tiny Little Something Just for You – 10 Milk Hearts

Dr. Oetker – Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases


You can’t really go wrong with Lindt. Tastes amazing, the heart-shaped tin is cute and would make a good stocking filler. I just wish there was more delicious chocolate in there!


The edible cupcakes seem like a great idea. I don’t really bake cupcakes any more, but seeing as I’ve received so much Dr Oetker stuff in previous boxes, perhaps I could make an exception.




 Degustabox Freezer – Moma! – Museuli breakfast pots



I really like this month’s Degustabox. There’s a few brands I have seen before in previous Degustabox’s (Cawston Press, Mexican Dave, Schwartz, Moma, Lindt, Dr Oetker…) and even a few items I have received before (shot pots, tortilla chips), but I like them so I’m OK with that.


I also like that there’s ingredients you cook with and other items you can eat/drink straight away. There’s a great mix in there, although maybe next month they can put something a bit healthier in there!



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Birchbox August 2014

Birchbox August 2014


What a novel idea, this month’s Birchbox comes with a free book! Oh, and some other great beauty products too. (more…)


Birchbox August 2014 Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Shower Gel


Dead Sea Spa Magik – Refreshing Bath Shower Gel (£7.15)


This shower gel smells so nice! It can be used as a body wash or a shower gel as it’s quite thick and really very blue. It’s also slightly shimmery. Seems very expensive for what it is though.


Birchbox August 2014 Vasanti-Brightenup!-Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator


Vasanti – Brightenup! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (£26)


I’ve been using this rejuvenator as an exfoliator as it’s got a fine beaded texture and it has a sweet and subtle smell. I haven’t noticed much of a difference from using it, but my skin does feel softer.


Birchbox August 2014 Supergoog CC Cream


Supergoog! Daily Correct SPF35 CC Cream (£32)


Wow, this CC Cream looks like it’s been made for my skintone. It blends in a-may-zingly! It has a very light coverage, and I prefer a matte finish so probably wouldn’t buy a full sized version.


Birchbox August 2014 Number 4 Super Comb Prep Protect


Number 4 – Super Comb Prep & Protect (£20)


This is a leave-in conditioning spray which detangles and protects hair against heat and sun damage. I haven’t used it yet and not sure I will as my hair doesn’t really get tangled very much. It also smells like a fizzy sherbert, ugh.


Birchbox August 2014 Wild About Beauty Powder Eyeshadow Paradise


Wild About Beauty – Powder Eyeshadow in Paradise (£13)


Apparently this eyeshadow has been created by Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob. It’s part of a paraben-free range which I like, but the colour I’m not keen on. It’s a nice touch having a mirror, but not strictly necessary.


Birchbox August 2014 shower bag


And to top it up, this box came with a Birchbox shower bag and a chapter of The Proposal by Tasmina Perry. A nice touch, but I have a Kindle, so I could have sampled this book for free.



Overall, this is a nice box with a good selection of products from brands I’ve not heard of before. They all seem to be fairly high-end which is great, but I suspect they might be hard to source on the high street.



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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 review – Error 404

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This play sounded really interesting in the description. It explores the use of technology in our lives, and what happens when things go wrong. As someone who couldn’t live without my phone, laptop or internet, I was keen to see what this show had to offer.


Sadly, it was one of the greatest let downs of my Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 experience. As we walked into the venue it was completely dark, and yet we were handed 2 pieces of paper and a pen. It was too dark to be able to read these so I was distracted throughout the performance trying to read the blurb when there was enough light to do so.


The performance itself was performed by (far too many) young people. Some were acting, others were filming (ridiculously distracting) and another was playing the guitar live. These additional elements only subtracted from my ability to concentrate.


The play looks into the lives of 6 teenagers and how their online comments can affect them offline too. It tries to show how ‘selfie’s’ aren’t just vain attention seekers, but people who genuinely need help and friendship (didn’t really change opinions, I’m afraid). It encourages us to see friends in real life and not online. A nice idea but completely impossible, unrealistic and overdramatic. This play forgets it’s showing extremes and doesn’t represent the normal, which is why it’s so disappointing to watch.

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