London Boat Trip – November 2014

I’m a Londoner, born and bred, but it’s impossible not to go up to town and be taken aback by the amazing sights along the River Thames. I took a boat ride with an out-of-towner and caught some great views!





The boat ride took us from Westminster Bridge up to the Tower of London and back again. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, the OXO Tower and more. Along the way the sun began to set, see the pics below!












The last one is so iconically London! There’s Tower Bridge with a red London bus and Union Jacks flying above – great fun!



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Degustabox November 2014



It’s always a nice surprise to come home to a giant box of edible goodies. Carry on reading to take a closer look at what the November 2014 Degustabox contains. (more…)




Special K – Cracker Crisps (£1.29)

Brioche Pasquier – Sliced Brioche Loaf (£1.69)

Brioche Pasquier – Pain au Lait with Choc Chip (£1.69)


I couldn’t quite resist the Special K Cracker Crisps long enough to take this picture! They taste really nice and aren’t greasy at all. I liked them and would buy them again. However I probably wouldn’t buy either of the Brioche Pasquier bread items as they’re incredibly sweet. They’ve been in previous Degustaboxes and I didn’t much care for them then either.




Dr Oetker – Fine Dark Cocoa Powder (£1.89)

Jelly Belly – Jelly Beans (£2.50)

Solo – Marshmallow Creme (£1.99)

Dr Oetker – Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate (£2.49)


Sweet treats are always welcome! However I’m getting a little bit fed up with all of the Dr Oetker baking products I’m receiving from Degustabox. There’s already been cooking chocolate, cupcake cases, cake toppers, vanilla essence, etc. I feel the Dr Oetker route has been exhausted a bit. The jelly beans and marshmallow creme were a bit of a surprise, but both are far too sweet for me. I wouldn’t buy any of these products.




Kent’s Kitchen – Meal Kit (£2.50)

Blue Dragon – Sweet Chilli Sauce (2 x £1.39)

Benecol – Greek Style Yoghurt (free voucher)


I love spicy foods so the meal kit and sweet chilli sauce definitely appealed to me. Despite this, I wouldn’t buy the spicy korma meal kit because you still have to add coconut milk, meat, veg and rice, so it’s not really a meal kit but just a few herb pots. As such, I think it’s unreasonable paying £2.50 just for this kit considering a whole meal would then cost £6-8!




Bear – Alphabites (sample present)

Bear – Paws (£0.55)

Getbuzzing – Original Nutty Flapjack (£1.30)

Enhance Drinks (£2.49)


A couple of months ago we received a full size box of the Alphabites which were alright, but I don’t eat cereal so I didn’t bother finishing them. It’s disappointing that this is another brand I’ve already received from Degustabox, especially as the Bear Paws fruit bits weren’t even that nice. The flapjack was decent, but I wouldn’t pay £1.30 for it, and I don’t tend to flavour my water so may not use the Enhance drinks lemon and lime flavouring.



On first impressions, this box looks great. It was bursting full of goodies and it’s such good value for £10 + P&P, and there’s a real variety of products. However I want to discover some new brands in future boxes, and possibly even some food from different countries.


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Poppies at the Tower of London, November 2014



With poppies adorned all around on lapels and jumpers, I thought it was high time to visit the ultimate ode to the soldiers who lost their lives during WW1. (more…)




The Tower of London has filled its grounds with ceramic poppies in remembrance to the 888, 246 lives lost during the first World War. Each poppy has been planted in a ‘Sea of Red’, resembling blood oozing from the Tower.




There were queues all around the Tower of London, despite the rain and the fact it’s a Monday morning. There’s a quiet buzz and a reflective atmosphere as people take in the art installation before them.

Each poppy is unique and represents a lost live, and they have been sold off to the public to raise money for charity.




The grounds of the Tower of London are literally filled with red poppies, each made and put into place by a team of volunteers. The art installation will be there until the 11th November 2014.



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Les Sept Doigts – Sequence 8

Image courtesy of Les Sept Doigts


Earlier in the month, I revisited my favourite theatre in London; the Peacock Theatre. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Les Sept Doigts production, but see what I thought of Sequence 8. (more…)


Les Sept Doigts are a Canadian physical theatre group. They perform amazing acrobatics, gymnastics and tricks, with elements of suspense and humour. The collection of performers had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times, and gasping at the spectacular skills at other times. From propelling each other from a see-saw, to climbing up poles and swinging from trapezes, this circus-esque act is fun for the whole family. Well, most of the time anyway. Some bits went on a bit too long and I could see a few wandering eyes and whispered conversations rippling throughout the audience.


Now, this was a shock to me. As someone who has seen a couple of Les Sept Doigt’s previous performances, I had a specific idea in my mind about what the show would be like and what to expect. There’s absolutely no denying the quality of the skills and the tidiness of the performance, but the storyline was certainly weaker than previous shows. It wasn’t captivating enough for me, despite the additional story narration.


Additionally, I found that some of the content had been recycled from previous shows. Now I understand that certain elements may have been a success before, and others may not have seen previous shows, but I do think that if you reuse content then you need to mix it up a bit. There’s only so many times you can watch someone jump through a hoop before becoming complacent that they’ll be able to get through it without drama. This honestly does distract from the sense of suspense.


The thing I found most unusual is how the performance ended on the most boring and downbeat part of the show. A woman swung around the stage on a metal ring, for far. Too. Long. I had no qualms about popping out to go to the toilet during this time.


So overall, I would say this show was a disappointment. I can’t complain about the skills of the performers because they truly are spectacular, but so much of the show is about the story, the delivery and a good sequence, and this isn’t something Sequence 8 demonstrates particularly well, in my opinion.



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Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish



I have wanted to try a Liz Earle skin care item for a while, so was pleased to receive this Cleanse & Polish sample in my May 2014 Birchbox. (more…)




I am never sure if I am part of the targeted age group for Liz Earle products. Their skin care range look so elegant but also slightly dated, so I’ve always associated it with people aged 40+. Regardless, the Liz Earle brand also signifies quality, whether that’s in reference to the ingredients, the packaging or the results. As such I was keen to try it.


I have been looking for a cleanser which will be gentle on my skin, but remove and keep away impurities. My face is naturally oily, and I reapply my make up several times to keep it in place. I need a cleanser which can remove all of that make up and simultaneously keep oil at bay, whilst still looking after my skin. This is no mean feat, so I’m not wholly surprised that the Cleanse & Polish couldn’t quite manage that.


I applied the cream to a dry face and rubbed it in, and instantly noticed how well it removed make up. Even mascara came off nicely and the cream didn’t sting my eyes (too much). I noticed a slight tightening sensation too, but don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Regardless, the cream washed off easily with warm water, and left a clean and oil-free result. The latter lasted less than an hour though as this face wash is very gentle.


So whilst it didn’t work wonders for me, I’m sure it would be ideal for those with normal-combination skin, and perfect for people with sensitive skin.



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