Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter 2014



Happy Easter from New With Hashtags!




DegustaBox March 2014

Degusta Box March 2014


After basically giving up on Glossybox and Birchbox to fulfil my beauty needs, I’ve decided to step up my monthly surprise box by giving Degustabox a go. Although it’s slightly different; instead of make up, this box is filled with my other love… food! Continue reading


Degusta Box March 2014 Contents


Like the beauty boxes, Degustabox delivers a range of products based on your preference profile each month. The first box I received cost £4.99, including postage, but normal price is £12.99 including P+P, so basically the same as a beauty box. Except, as you can see, you get a LOT more. You can get yours here.


Degusta Box March 2014 Schwartz Flavour Pots


2 x Schwartz Flavour Shots – Italian Creamy Herb Tagliatelle

2 x Schwartz Flavour Shots – Spanish Paella

These are the latest addition to the Schwartz herbs range and cost £1.40 each. I’ve tried the Spanish Paella Flavour Shot and it’s really nice and comes with a list of ingredients and cooking times. It couldn’t be easier!


Degusta Box March 2014 Moma! Porridge


Moma! Plain Porridge

Moma! Cranberry and Raisin Porridge

A great and easy breakfast treat which only requires hot water, these pots cost £1.50. They are lovely and thick, but they do have skimmed powder milk in them so be aware dairy/lactose intolerant folk!


Degusta Box March 2014 Drink Me Chai


Drink Me – Tea: Latte

Drink Me – Chai Latte Chocolate

The Chai Latte Chocolate tastes like hot chocolate meets Christmas. It’s full of wintery spices, but it’s not really my cup of tea (haha, it’s hot chocolate!). It’s smooth, creamy and velvety, though, and costs £2.55 a pot.


Degusta Box March 2014 Organico Pasta


Organico – Durum Wheat Pasta

Organico – Tomato & Basil Sauce

It’s nice to have an organic option or two in the box! These are kitchen staples, easy to cook and so handy to have to hand. The pasta costs £1.49 and the sauce is £1.99, but I don’t think I’ll buy either again as the pasta is quite flavourless alone and the pasta sauce tastes horribly sweet.


Degusta Box March 2014 Tyrells Popcorn and Mexican Dave Nachos


Tyrrell’s – Proper Popcorn – Sweet & Salty

Mexican Dave – Nacho – Cheese

Definitely my favourite items in the box; the easy consumables! The Tyrrell’s popcorn is part of a 6 pack multipack which costs £1.80, and they’re absolutely scrumptious! They satisfy both sweet and savoury cravings and are incredibly more-ish. The same goes for the Mexican Dave cheesy nachos. Firstly, what a great name! These nachos have a nicestory on the back of the pack, but the crunch and taste of the nachos put these in a league of their own. Amazingly, the whole big bag is only £1. Wow!


Degusta Box March 2014 Shaken Udder Milkshakes


Shaken Udder – Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana

These Shaken Udder milkshakes are a good lunch box treat for kids, and the 3 can be bought for £1.89.  Again, a heads up for dairy/lactose intolerant folk.



So overall I’m happy with the box and the new products and brands I hadn’t heard of or tried before. There’s a nice selection of products, although I can’t have dairy which takes out half the contents. It would be good if Degustabox looked a bit more closely at their subscriber taste profiles or included an allergy/intolerance option list, but I can’t really complain seeing as this box cost £4.99 and it’s worth about £18. Ace!


If you like what you see, you can get your own here.




Glossybox April 2014

Glossybox April 2014


So this is April 2014′s misnamed ‘Sweet Treats’ Glossybox. Ho hum… Check out the things I got (and won’t use…). Continue reading


Glossybox April 2014 Contentss


Glossybox April 2014 Tresemme Dry Shampoo


TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo – 100ml sample = £2.50


Doh, I’ve got this dry shampoo already and it doesn’t work well on my hair. I will probably be using this in extreme desperation. It’s a shame it’s not a full size product 200ml though.


Glossybox April 2014 Emite Make Up Lip Brush


Emite Make Up Lip Brush – L312 – one size = £17


Firstly, that price is absurd. Secondly, Emite is a brand that keeps popping up in Glossybox and I don’t really understand why. Thirdly, I won’t use this brush as I don’t apply much more than tinted lip balm to my smackers. I might use this as a paintbrush instead, possibly. *yawn*


Glossybox April 2014 Monu Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil


Monu Spa – Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil – 30ml sample = £7.50


Again, Monu is a brand I only ever see in Glossybox, and whilst I have liked the other Monu products I’ve received, this one smells like a German kitchen on Christmas day in the midst of a gingerbread house baking competition. I don’t think I’ll be using this, but if it smelt of orange I probably would have. I can’t imagine paying £25 for a big 100ml bottle though. Ridiculous!


Glossybox April 2014 MeMeMe Beat the Blues


MeMeMe – Beat the Blues Pearl Pink – £5.50


Yes, this is a rip off of Benefit’s High Beam, yes, it’s the often hated MeMeMe brand, yes, it’s a brand that is always in Glossybox, but this is probably my favourite item. It can be used by itself as an illuminator/highlighter, or mixed with foundation for a shimmery glow. From first inspection it’s not very vivid or thick, but I guess that’s good for everyday use. I’ll be sticking with my Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclait for proper illumination though, I think…


Glossybox April 2014 He-Shi Tanning Gel


He-Shi Professional Tanning – Face & Body Gel – 50ml = £7.95


This is the item I was dreading. I don’t use fake tan, and seeing as I received fake tan in last month’s Glossybox, I’m not a happy bunny right now. I filled in my questionnaires last month saying as much, but clearly Glossybox aren’t listening to anything their subscribers are saying. Anyway, this is a unisex product in shade medium (I’m very much ‘light’ and happy about it) so it’s not suitable anyway. Terrific.



Total box value = £49.88



Well this is a high-valued box but in my opinion it’s still a load of rubbish. Everyone received the same box, from the looks of it, so there doesn’t seem to be much point in even having a beauty profile. I’m glad this was my free box because I wouldn’t have been happy paying for it, especially so as I’ll only be using one of the products in it.


Let’s hope Glossybox start to up their game otherwise I might do a switch to one of the other beauty boxes. If you know of any good ones I’d love to hear about them! If you like the look of this Glossybox, you can get your own one here.




Ideal Home Show 2014

Ideal Home Show 2014


I’ve been going to the Ideal Home Show for years and have seen how it changes slightly year after year. This year the emphasis seemed to be on bold wallpapers, bright colours and homely touches. Continue reading


Ideal Home Show 2014 doors


A nice warm welcome by smiling and well-dressed gents!


Ideal Home Show 2014 Colourful Glass


Super colourful and intricate glass lights, inspired by Middle Eastern patterns.


Ideal Home Show 2014 Quote Plaques


Girly and cute, these quote plaques are what makes a house a home. Perfect present ideals.


Ideal Home Show 2014 Chocolate Kisses


I first say Chocolate Kisses at Winter Wonderland. They’re chocolate pods with marshmallow in the middle, sometimes with extra flavours such as nuts, coconut or coffee. They’re messy to eat and can be quite sickly, but very satisfying too!


Ideal Home Show 2014 Schokolat


If Chocolate Kisses aren’t quite your thing, there’s always Schokolat. These are artistic chocolates in a range of shapes and colours, perfect for the person who has everything. They aren’t cheap though; these paintbrushes will set you back nearly £15!


Ideal Home Show 2014 Suitcases


I really liked these vintage-inspired pastel suitcases. They make such a great decorative storage item and they are so different from a standard chest of drawers.


Ideal Home Show 2014 Lounge


Ideal Home Show 2014 Kitchen


I really liked this rustic-meets-modern look, and especially the lights above the wooden work surfaces. Functional, simple and elegant, this kitchen is one of my favourites.



There was a nice mix of things to see at the Ideal Home Show this year, from furniture to home decorations, food, technology, make up and a variety of tools to make DIY/cleaning/cooking easier. Mixed in with the products are interesting installations such as trees which have light shades instead of branches, high-end pop-up restaurants and product/ingredient displays.


I’ve been going to the Ideal Home Show for long enough to see the same products return year-after-year which is slightly disappointing because few new things catch my eye. I very rarely buy anything more than food (Heck chorizo sausages are a-may-zing!) so it’d be great to see some new and innovative products being exhibited next year. Also, if you’re going to pay £18 for a ticket (or free if you get a Money Saving Expert code), it would be nice to have a few more freebies to make the trip worthwhile because the items for sale at the show aren’t as discounted as they used to be a few years ago. Before buying anything I’d suggest doing a quick internet search to see if you’re actually getting a good deal.


Either way it’s a nice afternoon out, and thankfully it wasn’t as busy as the Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2013 so we could see more and get around the exhibition more quickly. It would be great if I found products which really made me want to rummage in my bag for my purse. I spent around £7.50 on food and that’s it!




H and M Nail Polish – Serenity Now

H and M Nail Polish Serenity Now


I think it’s great that H&M have a range of cosmetics, and I use to use them a lot when I was younger because they were cheap, colourful and useful. I was excited to rediscover the range, starting with this amazing coral blue nail polish called Serenity Now. Continue reading


The most notable thing about this nail polish is how thick it is. One coat would actually be good enough for plenty of people, but I went for 2 for that extra bold and vibrant look. There weren’t any brush marks or uneven patches which is a phenomenal feat, and it dries pretty quickly too.


As you can imagine, by this point was I staring at my nails fixatedly in awe of the vibrant blue colour, of the slight shine and the smooth finish. Yes, the blue is unusual and doen’t go with most of my clothes, but I don’t care because this nail polish is so hassle-free and easy to apply. It does go rather well with copper or rose gold rings though for all you fashionistas out there!


Don’t get me wrong, for £2.99 I wasn’t expecting miracles and I wasn’t devastated when I began to notice slight chipping on my forefingers after about 24 hours, but because the polish is so thick and highly pigmented it’s possible to touch up nails without the weird camouflage look you get with thinner polishes. I managed to keep my nails looking alright for about a week without using a base or a top coat, but better still is the lack of nail-discolouration when I decided to remove it.


I’ll definitely be trying out other H&M nail polishes because they really are great value for money, the polish is thick and lasts quite well, comes off easily with nail polish remover, and I suspect the 9ml pot will last a while.