Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner


I received these Beauty Protector samples in my May 2014 Birchbox. I always like getting these mini shampoo and conditioners but I was shocked at the full price of these bottles, and was eager to see if the cost was justifiable. Continue reading


The full size bottles cost £14 each which seems like a huge amount compared with most high street brands. I was expecting professional results for that kind of price, and certainly a rich and luxe smell when I opened the bottles. I didn’t think the smell was particularly great. It’s subtle, slightly sweet and a nondescript fragrance. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s certainly not anything special. The results, on the other hand, we rather special.


Firstly, this Beauty Protector duo cleans hair really well. It provide shiny, tangle-free and manageable hair, which is awesome but not the best part. The thing I was most struck by was how soft my hair felt! It was like I had used an intensive conditioner! My hair looked and felt silky smooth, but still had volume which, in my opinion, is the perfect combination.


Despite this, I just couldn’t justify paying nearly £30 for a shampoo and conditioner. This was a nice treat, but I don’t think I would ever purchase the full sized bottles for myself or as a present. Even if I did, I wouldn’t know where to buy them from, and the bottles look cheap so would most likely be pre-judged if they were given as a gift.




Birchbox July 2014

Birchbox July 2014


July’s Birchbox has arrived earlier than expected! The theme this month is Sun, Sea & Sand, so I’m expecting loads of summery goodies! Continue reading


Birchbox July 2014 contents


So this is the collection! It’s not really what I was expecting – I think it would make a good Christmas box as it’s got the glittery nail polish, the bright lip pencil, the wintery-skin protector, the eye cream… Keep scrolling for more info.


Birchbox July 2014 Benefit the Porefessional


Benefit – The Porefessional – £24.50


This isn’t a new item for me. I’ve tried the Benefit Porefssional before and thought it was alright. It’s a lightweight primer which minimises the look of pores and other imperfections. It feels exceptionally smooth and silky, spreads well and covers slightly too. It’s a little bit pricey so it’s nice getting a top up sample in this month’s Birchbox.


Birchbox July 2014 Filosof


Filosofille – 4-sided Nail Buffer


Erm, I guess this will be useful. Thanks Birchbox?!


Birchbox July 2014 Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream


Balance Me – Wonder Eye Cream – £20


I like that Balance Me is a brand full of natural ingredients, but I think most of their products smell a bit whiffy. This isn’t an exception, and it’s not the worse thing about this eye cream. The fact the tube is only half full seems a bit mean. Hopefully there’s enough in there to see what it does to the areas around my eyes.


Birchbox July 2014 Whish Body Butter


Whish – Three Whishes Lavendar Body Butter – £14.50


Another half empty tube… I doubt there will be enough in the tube to cover one arm, let alone more than that. Anyway, it smells bad so it’s probably just as well.


Birchbox July 2014 Laqa and Co Lip Lube


Laqa & Co – Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour – £14


Aww mannn, there were two shades of this lip pencil, a subtle pinky orange and this bright purple. If anyone is up for a swap, please do let me know!


PS, smells minty. Interesting!


Birchbox July 2014 Models Own glittery polish


Models Own – Nail Polish in Vampire – £5


I think I’m a little old for this nail polish. It’s probably great for a Christmas party, but a little bit too bright for everyday wear. I do like Models Own nail polishes though.


Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo

Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo can


I’ve tried a heap of dry shampoos lately, and decided to dry something different from the usual Batiste. I found Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo, a cheaper own-brand alternative. Continue reading


Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo


As the can says, the Boots Dry Shampoo is meant to refresh hair, boost hair at the roots and provide a tropical fragrance. I can definitely say that the smell is tropical; it smells like coconut, a pleasant change from the chemical smells of other dry shampoos I’ve tried.


It doesn’t cover your hair in a white powder so it’s a little hard to see if it’s rubbed in well, but equally it doesn’t make you look like you have dandruff which is a huge plus. Once it’s completely rubbed in your hair is left with a matte and full look, but most important it looks fresh and clean. I didn’t have to top it up at the end of the day like I did with Tresemmes either, and it smells so much nicer than Charles Worthington’s! Really not bad for an own-brand product!


This is also one of the cheapest dry shampoos available. A 200ml can will last about 4-6 uses and costs £2.29. Currently it’s on offer at Boots for £1.50. Stock up now!!




Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Power

Bourjous Healthy Balance Matte Power


Summer brings about an intensive search for a great matte pressed powder which lasts longer than half an hour. Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Power seemed like a great solution. Carry on reading to find out why. Continue reading


Bourjous Healthy Balance Matte Power and Mirror


This has become a great go-to pressed powder that has lasted daily use for 6 months. Sadly it gave up the ghost a couple of days ago and crumbled in my bag, but I’ve since crushed the remnants and mixed it with sun cream to get the best sun protection without the greasy result.


The Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Power is in a thin and flat pink circular pot with its own mirror. I like that it’s not chunky like the No7 Light Pressed powder, but still feels sturdy. It doesn’t come with a powder puff or sponge, but I don’t mind that. The pressed powder applies very well with a powder brush, supplying a good and an event amount of powder without becoming crumbly or caked on. It’s soft, covers well and mattifies, which is exactly what I want from a pressed powder.


The Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Power costs £8.99 which works out about £1.50 per month – not bad at all! The thing with this powder is that it lasts really well and stays matte for several hours so you don’t have to top it up more than once or twice a day. It doesn’t last for 10 hours like it says on the pot, but I do have very oily skin. And yet it isn’t drying, it feels really light and breathable, and I would definitely buy this powder again.




Glossybox June 2014

Glossybox June 2014


Summer is here and it brings the June 2014 Glossybox with it! It’s probably going to be my last for a while – find out why I’ve unsubscribed. Continue reading


Glossybox June 2014 contents


So here’s the mixture of products I received this month. There’s a nice variety here, from hair to nails, make up and moisturiser, but I’m not jumping for joy.


Glossybox June 2014 Roger & Gallet


Roger & Gallet – Fleur de Figuier discovery ritual – Shower Cream (£9.50), Body Lotion (£13) & Eau Fraiche Fragrance (£32) – sample size = £1.56


This is a combination pack which includes a shower gel, a body lotion and a perfume sample. They all smell of the same floral and fruity fragrance which is alright, but not something I would buy in the shops. I reckon I’m about 30 years too young for this scent and I wouldn’t be surprised if most Glossybox subscribers weren’t bothered about this product. I know I wasn’t.


Glossybox June 2014 So Susan Concealer Quad


Glossybox June 2014 So Susan Concealer Quad


So Susan Cosmetics – Concealer Quad – £20


I’ve received a So Susan make up item before in a the Christmas 2013 Glossybox. I like how the brand is vegan and environmentally friendly, but I don’t like how rubbish this concealer quad is. OK, it’s great that there’s 4 shades so you can match it to the required colour, but these concealers aren’t creamy at all and they don’t mix well. Think about an old and cheap lipgloss set and you’ll start to get an idea of the dry texture of these concealers. How they could charge £20 for these I don’t know.


Glossybox June 2014 Schwarkopf got2b


Glossybox June 2014 Schwarkopf got2b


Schwarzkopf – got2b – Rise ‘n Shine Soufflé – £4.07


These hair volume pots are always crap, in my opinion. They make my hair look greasy and untidy, and they feel sticky and wet, even after an hour. OK, so this one smells nice but I won’t bother using it, and I don’t know anyone who does. Please do let me know if I’m doing something wrong!!


Glossybox June 2014 NailGirls


Nailgirls – 3-in-1 base/top coat & nail strengthener – £13.50


This is the one product in the box I don’t mind. I haven’t tried it yet, but for that price I hope it’s blooming good. Either way it’s always handy having a base/top coat going spare, but I’m still not that bothered.


Glossybox June 2014 Teeez Brush


Teeez Trend Cosmetics – Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush – 19 Euros/£16


I think if this brush was a person it’d be described as being ‘all mouth and no trousers’. It’s garish, horribly ugly and so expensive! I’m super happy with my Stila make up brush set I got for £13 and I don’t think this Teeez brush is better quality to justify the £16 price tag. Why would anyone want this horrid brush covered in eyes and flamingoes? Stop trying to be different and let the brush speak for itself!



If you can’t tell by my sarcastic and passive aggressive tones, I don’t like this box. It’s full of items I won’t use, and whilst it’s nice to discover some new brands, I do feel the products should be more relevant to the audience and our beauty profiles. I know the boxes work out at fairly good value at just £10 a month, but I’m mostly left feeling disappointed, and so I’ve unsubscribed.


I’d be keen to hear what other people think of their boxes, so please do leave a comment!